License To Carry Classes
Chl Now has been doing the Texas Certified classes for 10 years.  But as always all good things change. I been offered a job that is to good to pass up, I will be starting this position on Mrch 5th. We will still be doing LTC classes on most Saturdays, along with some Fridays and some Sundays.  I will not be taking phone calls through the day, most information is available on this web site along with the days we are doing classes listed on the months to the left. Thanks for the last 10 years of classes, but this is to good to pass up.
We reserve the right to cancel a class if required, but would offer a discount to attend a different day if you had scheduled for that day. If no one has signed up by a certain time we will cancel a class for the following day.
Texas License To Carry Training
Houston, Texas
With Online Payment Or
$75 Day Of Class Payment
You can bring your gun and ammo into our classroom. The gun must be in a case or bag and the gun and all mags must be unloaded before entering our building.  For everyone's safety the guns must remain in the case or bag.  You must be here prior to the start of the class so it can run on time.
For Our  Classroom Training Go To The Months Listed Above And Sign Up Online
Parking For Classes
There is limited parking at our location. For classes at CHL Now we must park in the Keystone Building at 11999. There is a walk through gate between the two restaurants. If you park in the lot at 11925 we will have to get you to move to the correct parking area. The exception would be your Disabled Placard or DV plates.
  All Saturday and Sunday Classes Start At 8am unless listed for that day at a special time.
CHL Now is not offering the Proficency Training and additional 1 hour of training required to get your license from the Texas Online LTC course. We will send in an instructor and more often then not, the student does the not show up for the class, and we still have to pay that instructor for a no show. We have decided to no longer offer this classes at this tme, and focus on our Texas classroom LTC class.
If you get any email from randy@chlnow.com please delete it. I was hacked and they wanted $1000 or they would
send all kinds of porn site info from that address. I shut down randy@chlnow,com and will not be using that email.
Sorry if you get any garbage but you have been warned.