Concealed Handgun License Training Classes
Fully insured for you and your family's protection. Not all instructors are.
Our classroom is located at 11907 Katy Freeway
Houston, Texas 77079. This is next to not at, Full Armor Firearms, we shoot on site. When you get here bring your unloaded gun into the classroom in a case or bag.

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$69 Includes range fees.
CHL Classes
There are no more fee's to take this  class. This includes all that can be    done, the same as any other class,   we are just do it cheaper.
All CHL classes start at 9am.  That is not the time you need to be here, but when class starts so be here earlier. There are no exceptions to the start time. We have someone that is here 30 minutes before class starts, you can come on in. Leave home early, as being late even for traffic is not an option. If no one is here by 9am we release the instructor so there will be no class that day. The classroom is not at the range, we are next to the store at CHL Now.
This class is required to obtain a Texas CHL. This is not a handgun training class. (We do not teach you how to shoot). You must be able to pass the handgun proficiency test without further help or assistance at the range. You will need to be able to load (no one else can load for you) function and fire your gun and safely handle this weapon.
Our classroom address is
11907 Katy Freeway, Houston, Texas 77079
(Next to Full Armor Firearms we are not in the range or store)
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We reserve the right to cancel a class if required, but would offer a discount to attend a different day if you had scheduled for that day. If no one has signed up by a certin time we will cancel a class for the following day.
Our Classroom and range is wheelchair accesible.
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When you come to class we need you to park in the parking lot next to the center it is a office building, There is a walk through in the fence. If you park at the store or range lot we will direct you over to that location to park. Thanks
  We have moved into a new training center. Classes will  include, NRA courses, tactical rifle, pistol and shotgun classes along with advanced classes beyond your basic Concealed Handgun Class. These classes will be taught by law enforcement and certified instructors.  We will have our training center next to Full Armor Firearms.  We will make your training easy to get with our same low prices you have become accustomed to.

This is our classroom