Fully insured for you and your family's protection. Not all instructors are.
CHL Now is doing a Basic Handgun / Fundemental Training Class. The dates and times are listed on the web site. The classes are taught by an NRA certified handgun instructor. This class will get you ready for the LTC class.

License To Carry Classes
$75 Day of class payment. Includes range fees. We are running a Pre Pay special. Good for Day of Class only at this price, used any other time value we will honor the value towards the Walk In price. Check this price and the others. They have added extra fees,
$49 and additional $15 for the range, or  
Our new classroom is open. We are at the same location but at the building to the rear.  You will see us as you pull into the center. Our new classroom will hold up to 40 people, so walk ins are always available any day we have a class.  All LTC classes still start at 9am. Other classes will be listed on the site soon.  Chl Now still has classes 7 available days a week,  for the same low posted price that includes everything that can be done in the class.
This class is required to obtain a Texas LTC. This is not a handgun training class. (We do not teach you how to shoot). You must be able to pass the handgun proficiency test without further help or assistance from anyone at the range. You will need to be able to load (no one else can load for you) function and fire your gun and safely handle this weapon.
Our classroom address is
11925 Katy Freeway, Houston, Texas 77079
The building past Full Armor Firearms

<--------  Join us on Face, we will include specials and information on upcoming classes on here.
We reserve the right to cancel a class if required, but would offer a discount to attend a different day if you had scheduled for that day. If no one has signed up by a certain time we will cancel a class for the following day.
Our Classroom and range
are wheelchair accessible.
When you come to class, we need you to park in the parking lot next to the center (west side) which is a office building (Keystone). There is a walk through in the fence. If you park at the store or range lot we will direct you over to that location to park. Thank You
Includes Range Fee
This is the complete class
Do not bring loaded guns or
loaded mags into any of our the classrooms.
Texas License To Carry Training
Houston, Texas
Groupon deals that add an addtional $15 to $25 for the range. We just run and honest advertised price, for everyone. With the political outlook you may not want to wait to get your chl. With daily classes we are here for you.
Why Choose Chl Now llc
1. Classes when you want to take them available 7 days a week
2. No sitting through a sale pitch for an attorney service. That is not part of           the LTC program and cannot count as class time towards the required 4           hours of classroom training. This is an addition to the time and should be         done after class, of you choose to stay, not forced on you as part of the
    class. Ask  others if they do this, you have the right to choose.
3. A real Texas LTC not an out of state program.
4. Convenient  location right on I-10.
5. Card pre-payment for the discount, cash or card day of class.
6. Shooting On Site, we don't have to travel somewhere else and wait for
   the range and only get 2 or 3 lanes making your day longer.
7. Occasional Specials online watch for these.
With the current events we are staying at $59 dollars for online payments.