The training center is located in the same center as Full Armor Firearms.   Classroom training and shooting are held at this location. A maximum of 28 students are allowed. We will shoot at Full Armor Range. If no one has signed up for a class it will be listed as no class today. Be sure to check the web site that morning if you are planning to walk in. Once someone has paid we will hold the class that day.  

LTC Classes - are available any day as listed on the calendar. This is the 4 hour class and the shooting   required to get the Texas LTC.  Monday through Friday classes start at 9am for the Texas LTC Class.  Saturdays and Sundays the LTC Class starts at 8am unless otherwise noted.

For information concerning and to apply on line for the Texas License To Carry you can visit their web site at -          
You can see all the requirements, and get answers to a lot of questions
that you may have. You should also fill out a application online, you will set up your fingerprinting appointment after you apply on line at the state.
  CHL Now llc
is located in the same center as the indoor range.  No travel time for us to the range,
just a 100 foot walk.
Texas License To Carry Training
Houston, Texas
We do not allow
food or drinks in
our classroom. The exception would
be water.
There is no smoking or tobacco use in our classrooms. This includes vapor smoking and dipping
Click below for State site for information or to apply.