The training will consist of classroom
training of not less than
4 hours plus shooting and testing.
The classroom session will cover
the following topics.
Non Violent Dispute Resolution
Use Of Force And Deadly Force
Firearms Safety Storage And Handling
Child Safety and
Texas Penal Code
* There will be a 25 question test at the end of the class covering the material from class. You must score 70% to pass this class which is no problem if you pay attention in class. If you should fail the test we will allow you to study the book and test you again on another day.

The shooting qualification will consist of the
following course of fire.
20 rounds fired at 3 yards
20 rounds fired at 7 yards and
10 rounds fired at 15 yards.
You will fire as directed by the instructor and follow their commands. You must score a 175 out of the possible 250 points using the scoring on a B27 target as shown. Most persons qualify well before shooting at 15 yards. If you would fail this part, you will have to practice so you can qualify at another time. 

We teach this class is English only. It is a fast paced class. There is a lot of information to cover in a short amount of time. There are instructors that teach in different languages, but we do not have that ability and do not translate this in our classes. Please be able
to read and understand English. There is reading and a test at the end.  You must be  able to complete this without assistance.
On the day of class you will need to bring your ID. When you arrive at the class you can bring your unloaded gun and unloaded mags into the classroom. Do not bring loaded mags into the classroom. We do not load magazines prior to shooting.  Make sure the gun in a bag or case if you bring it into the classroom.
Also your gun must stay in the case in the classroom.
Handgun Requirements
You can shoot a handgun of any caliber to qualify for your LTC.  The range we use requires ammo with brass cases. Aluminum or Steel cased ammo cannot be used at the range. This ammo must be factory or
factory refurbished and in the factory box if factory refurbished. You cannot shoot reloaded ammo for this qualification. Reloads in a container or bag without the  reloader info and the lot number will not be allowed to be used for the safety of all. 
Your gun will be inspected
prior to being used at the
range. It must be in good
working condition and all
installed safeties must functional.
An unsafe shooter must be removed from
the range.
Texas License To Carry Training
Houston, Texas
You can bring you own eye and or ear protection but both must be worn while in the range. Hearing and eye protection is provided free of charge for use at the range.  Rental guns are available at the range along with ammo. If you rent their gun you must shoot their ammo.  50 rounds are required to be shot.  It does not matter if you shoot a revolver or semi auto for your certification. You may carry either with your LTC.