LTC  Class
$69On Line Payment
Save $6 by paying online

$75Day Of Class Payment
Both Classes Includes Range Fee's 
Payment MethodsWe accept
American  Express

including bank cards
and Cash
Do to recent events we do not take checks or money orders.

About Fingerprints
  All fingerprinting must be done by the state approved  electronic services company called L1 Services (Morpho Trust). When you apply on line with the State of Texas, after you finish and pay on their website it  will direct you to the L1 site so you can schedule your appointment. You will pay for your prints at that time.  Do not buy pictures from these people if you live in Texas. The state will not use them.
Texas License To Carry Training
Houston, Texas
Class Prices - Includes Range Fee's
Any special price is for that day of class only. You must leave a message the evening before at if you can not make it that day. At that point we will let you reschedule your class.  If you no show your receipt will be used towards the price of the walk in class which is $75.
We do not discount our prices other then what is shown on the Website